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you might see the tsa doing a double-check. they might be less forgiving of something in their bag that causes them suspicion. before they might have given it a pass. they won't do that right now. one big concern is the sequester and what if any effects that might have on the tsa staffing levels around the country as they take this elevated posture even more seriously. at specific police departments around the country, you're seeing more showing of the badge. what that means is that we're really seeing maybe not an increase in staffs but more of a visible presence them want to be sure that the public is aware that they are on the job and doing their job. so everywhere from of course, new york and boston to l.a. to denver. you name it. you're likely to see that. we can also talk about two events. that really speak to how much the country is really kind of on edge, more so than it's been in recent years. we have the event today at boston logan airport. we had a u.s. airways flight that was evacuated out on the ramp because of a report of a suspicious package. they found that was noth
, if you will, of the airport, with the customs and border protection, tsa, they got the coast guard right in boston harbor. but yes -- and all those private video cameras that are up there which will help apprehend the wrong doer here. i think one thing that's going to happen -- it's very difficult, we're not going to stop holding marathons in this country but there's going to be more security an more control at some of the points where people mass at an event like a marathon. >> it would seem as if we have an intelligence apparatus, a security apparatus that's really good at identifying and going after international terrorists cells around the world. but what is the line between trying to protect americans from the lone wolf and the longer we don't know something, it seems as if i've talked to security officials who are now just assuming that the longer we don't know, the more likely this is a lone wolf. whether domestic or international motivated, but the lone wolf type of scenario. can you secure for that and is that going down a rabbit hole where you can nyou can never se it? >> well,
to a minimum. >> many americans have grown tired of war, tsa checkpoints and heavy security at sporting events. former national director of counterterrorism says the threat remains very real. >> if this turns out to be either domestic or international terrorism it will remind people of the difficulty of the tasks that we have been working against over the past ten years. >> reporter: experts say that while we can certainly prevent and address more security issues than we did before 9/11, trying to protect a soft target like a marathon is just increasingly difficult and they point out that a terrorist only has to find the weakest, softest point and attack there. of course that's where we're all most vulnerable. guys, back to you. >> i would say it is almost impossible to protect completely. but tom, talk about, if you could, what we can expect now from the likely places where they will step up security. the tsa, at the airports, at train stations, and public events that you say are still on schedule. what can we expect? >> homeland security has been pretty tight-lipped but we can tell you anecd
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3